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Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc. offers classes for dancers of all levels with our professionally trained instructors and choreographers. Weekly group classes teach participants technique, conditioning, expression and choreography in various African dance styles.

What we do

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With more than a decade of professional experience, we know a thing or two about dance. From private classes to weddings and festivals, we are certain to meet all your dance needs. Check out some of our services below.

Afro Active



Afro Active Fitness is designed to educate participants in African dance while incorporating high intensity movements and routines to provide a full-body fitness experience. Movements that challenge flexibility, strength, balance and aerobic endurance are implemented using elements of traditional and modern African dance. Push the limits of your body and, most importantly, have fun!

Age: 16 and up

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AfroBeats is a popular genre of music from West Africa and a dance style that bridges the gap between traditional and modern African dance. AfroBeats uniquely incorporates the rhythms and styles of jazz, funk, house, and hip-hop to form its signature style. This class is aimed to improve strength and coordination through a series of sequences and exercises. Get ready to break a sweat!

Age: 16 and up

Kids on

the move

Using improvisation, movement exploration and storytelling, kids will immerse themselves in the colourful world of African culture. The highly accessible dance class means that little to no dance background is required. All they need are their moving bodies and their imagination!

Age: 5-8



Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc. offers one-on-one lessons with several of our professionally trained and highly experienced dancers, providing instruction at all levels of proficiency and in a variety of African dance disciplines and styles. Each lesson is tailored to suit your skill level and goals.

Woezo Africa also offers educational programming at public and private schools and colleges catering to people of all age groups. Performances and workshops are available for pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school students. 


Wedding Entertainment
Celebrate your special day in the exuberantly African way. Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc. will make your wedding truly unforgettable with an enchanting performance. We provide entertainment at your wedding in a number of ways from the bridal party entrance during your ceremony, to getting all the guests at your wedding moving for an interactive performance. We are well known for adding that extra little something to get everyone in the mood to dance the night away. Let's make your wedding performance an elegant, classy and lively experience your guests will never forget!
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Film &


Woezo Africa offers professional choreography and dance for use in film, theatre and television media. Our instructors have worked with the CBC, CTV, and the NTA, as well as in live theatre productions and social media ad campaigns. 

Group Workshops & Guest Interaction
We are happy to work with your organization or business to arrange a workshop or performance that meets your needs. Our workshops provide a variety of arts-focused activities to help foster group bonding and push participants beyond self-perceived abilities and limitations. Businesses and organizations can expect to captivate audiences with a compelling performance in celebration of African culture. The workshop aims to provide entertainment for attendees as they celebrate the newlyweds to be. Live drumming may also be added in the session.
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Choreography & Private


At Woezo Africa, we believe choreography is the art of designing movements with the essence of soul. Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc. offers high quality, original choreography and private lessons for:

  • The couple’s first dance
  • Wedding reception performances featuring the couple and their family and/or friends
  • Bridal party entrances and/or performances
  • Basic dance technique for individuals wishing to access comfort and confidence on the dance floor

Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party


Our bridal showers and bachelorette parties are known for kicking off the festivities in an unforgettable way. Our instructors will teach your group African dance basics and a short choreographed routine to start the celebrations!

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