Our Purpose

Black Arts Development Program

The Black Arts Development (BAD) Program is centered around cultivating an environment in which our community of Black artists can tell their stories, and allow the African, Caribbean and Black Diaspora culture to thrive and flourish in the theatre sector. Through storytelling and gathering, Black writers and actors will share their lived experiences that would catalyze new works that speak from the African, Caribbean and Black perspective in Calgary. Our ultimate goal is to acclimate and nurture the African Diaspora cache of creative artists.

Bringing Power To Truth
Bringing Power to Truth is an artist-led initiative that supports artists as citizens to engage their communities to examine and confront racism through their art. Working with artists from Indigenous, Black and People of Colour communities, the initiative facilitates the coming together of artists and community elders/leaders to reflect on their experiences and from these, create artistic works that can engage public systems and the broader communities. Fundamentally emergent in process, this initiative has four components: three affinity spirals: Indigenous-led, Black-led, and racialized-led spirals and Grappling-Gathering event that brings together the spirals and invites the broader community to participate. Artists and community partners will first work within their own affinity groups. They will then come together to grapple with what they have learned and to instigate support for artistic projects, community advocacies and actions that may emerge from the initiatives. Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc. counts itself as part of a larger collective network in Calgary with the intent of freeing African, Caribbean and Black creators from limiting structures, mindsets and opportunities.
Why Apply?

Why Apply For This

Free Program?

The BAD Program was created and designed with Black artists in mind by providing emerging artists the tools and practical knowledge to take the next step in their artistic journey. The BAD Program has teamed up with award winning professional faculty members for a 6 weeks script writing and actors workshops. The benefits for this FREE program includes:
  • Access to professional script writers and actors that will help guide new Black artist 
  • Successful applicants will be paid for the 6 weeks development program 
  • Network with other artist on the same path 
  • Small class learning 
  • Practical and applied skills 
  • Introduction to theatre arts organizations in Calgary
  • Collaborative opportunities with other artists and organizations 
  • Enhance your professional art career 


Who Can Apply?

Application Requirements & Eligibility

The BAD Program will focus on creating spaces for African, Caribbean, and Black community members by supporting 40 professional (20 script writing & 20 acting participants) and emerging artists to learn, grow, and demonstrate their craft in script writing and acting. No prior acting or script writing experience is required however we are only accepting serious students who are passionate about learning and growing as a professional artist. The first cohort of script writers and Actors are 18-30 years of age. The second cohort of script writers and actors are 30 plus years.

  • The BAD Program is for the African, Caribbean, and Black community members

  • No prior acting or script writing experience required 

  • The first cohort is for ages 18-30 years old 

  • The second cohort is for ages 30 years and above 

  • A $100.00 commitment fee will be required from successful candidates at the beginning of the workshop. This will be refunded upon successful completion of the workshop

  • An additional $500 will be awarded to all candidates upon successful completion of program

Registration for the First Cohort is Open Now. Registration for the Second Cohort will open June 2021.



FIRST COHORT (Registration Open)

Application Opens | April 5, 2021

Application Closes For Script Writers | May 17, 2021 at 4:30 PM

Application Closes For Actors | May 31, 2021 at 4:30 PM

Letter Of Admission For Successful Applicants For Script Writing Workshop | May 24, 2021

Letter Of Admission For Successful Applicants For Actors Workshop | June 7, 2021


Script Writing Workshop Ends | July 10, 2021


Actors Workshop Ends | July 24, 2021


SECOND COHORT (Registration Opens June 2021)

Black Arts Development Program Contact

For more information on the BAD program contact Priscille Bukasa at BAD.Program@woezoafrica.com